Submit stats documents by attaching them to an e-mail and sending to

How does this work?

Send Flat Track Stats your stats sheets and we'll parse, validate, correct, and format them for display on FTS.

Send us an e-mail with the stats sheets attached, and we'll take it from there. We aim to build a comprehensive database of historical bouts as well, so do send us your backlog of stats.  


The vast majority of data comes to us in WFTDA's Stats Workbook in Microsoft Excel format.  PDF's are not parseable unfortunately.

Our stats parser is not tied to a particular format. It adapts to statsbook versions as they change over time, as well as parsing other stats formats.

If you have a standardized stats tracking format that's not the WFTDA Workbook format, let's talk.


Stats sheets have errors. We know how tough it is to track stats in a game as action packed as roller derby, so we plan for mistakes and have a system in place for working with them. First, before any stats are written to the database, we validate for a ton of different scenarios: unknown or missing players, valid input, valid penalty codes, required data, illogical scenarios, and a bunch of other checks.


If an error has a non-ambiguous and obvious correction, we make that correction ourselves. A lot of errors can be corrected intuitively, or by sleuthing around the stats sheets.

If it's a recent bout that you can weigh in on, we may be in contact with you for feedback. Some things are of course impossible for us to figure out having not been there.

Depending on the circumstance, if an error is not correctable we will either drop the stat (if it's low priority like a penalty), or mark it as unknown (if it's critical like a player missing from a lineup).

Our philosophy is to clean up stats and make them presentable, but not invent any data or make assumptions.

Non-destructive corrections

A key feature of our stats system is that when we make corrections, we do not directly edit the stats sheets by hand. Instead we tell the FTS parser what needs to be corrected as a layer on top of the original stats. What's great about this is that a copy of the original stats document still exists for reference.

Even more importantly, a record of all corrections made are stored in the database alongside the bout stats themselves. This makes it easy to lookup exactly what corrections were made and why. If we need to track inquiries about incorrect data, a record of transactions are available.

How long does it take for stats to appear?

We go over everything by hand, and as such it can take some time to get your stats fully processed.  Generally we have stats up within a week of receiving them (and often just a couple days).  But this can vary, especially if we have many in queue during the season.

Submit stats documents by attaching them to an e-mail and sending to