Aaron K is the founder, engineer, and designer of Flat Track Stats. His day job is feature film animation in Emeryville, CA.

Mandi Festo is an FTS founder. She skates with and loves the Bay Area Derby Girls. She once proudly skated with the Iron Curtain of Tucson Roller Derby. During the day, she cares for a small boy and makes 3d visualizations of archeological sites.

Tom F is moderator in chief. When he's not moderating the minds of Derbydom via FTS he can be found moderating the minds of high school math/physics students. He also skates vicariously with the TXRG Texecutioners.

David R (aka Reyn Man) is the chief number cruncher. By day he's a particle physicist, but by night he puts on his cape, grabs a bottle of wine and does creepy things with equations.

Donna D (aka Razor Grrl) helps out with the design and engineering of Flat Track Stats. She currently skates with the Bay Area Derby Girls and has been skating since 2008. Her day job consists of making video games for the government.

Peter D is a software engineer, golfer, and ninja. He's also the reigning 2010 Fantasy Hockey champion.